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This new fingerprint doorlock has an attractive sliding protective cover. The lock casing is made of solid brass that is corrosion resistance and highly durable. It uses stainless steel mechanical locking mechanism to ensure long term reliability and usage.

The lock is simple to operate; just slide up the protective cover and place your finger on the fingerprint sensor. Once your fingerprint is recognized, the door will automatically open. It will automatically lock itself after 5 seconds. You will never have to worry about forgetting your keys or that you forget to lock the door again. The lock can easily be installed for most standard inside and outside doors. This fingerprint door lock can hold up to 150 fingerprint templates and uses 4 standard AA batteries. The batteries will normally last one year under normal operation.

This lock can be opened with either fingerprint or combination code through the use of keypad. A concealed mechanical key can be used to override the doorlock mechanism in case of emergency. The doorlock can also be set to normally open status for meetings so that all you have to do to open is to simply slide the cover up. The durable construction of this lock made it suitable for use for both indoor and outdoor environment.

Please select either the Left-Handed or the Right-Handed for the doorlock. You might also want to specify the door thickness in the "Special Order Notes" section at the bottom of the Checkout page to ensure that we will provide you a doorlock with your exact specifications. For international orders outside United States, please contact us through email at: for shipping cost and order instruction.

Low Price: $298.95

Product: Quantity:

  • High resolution optical CMOS fingerprint sensor.
  • Unlocking Methods: Fingerprint ,user pass code or mechanical key.
  • Solid brass casing with cast-steel core mechanical structure
  • Concealed mechanical override for emergency.
  • Stainless Steel Single Latch. Easy to install and simple to operate .
  • Fingerprint registration can be directly erase from the lock.
  • Can enroll up to 150 user's fingerprints with separate 78 pass codes.
  • Integrated cast steel construction with stainless steel finish.
  • Can be set to normally open status for meeting .
  • No external wiring required.
  • Easy battery replacement .
  • Operates on 4 AA standard alkaline batteries.
  • Outside lever free to rotate in locked mode.
  • Simple & easy installation.
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