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Biometrics are methods of recognizing a person based on the physiological or behavioral characteristics of the person. The most popular biometric technologies are fingerprints, face, palm/hand geometry, handwriting, iris, retinal, and voice. Biometric technologies are rapidly becoming the foundation of an extensive array of highly secure identification and personal verification solutions. In the information age of today, the need for a convenient and highly secure identification and authentication is crucial for our personal data protection.

With the increasing rate of identity theft crimes, new ways of providing biometric security are being worked on everyday. One of the most popular and well known biometrics is the fingerprint. Fingerprints have been used to identify criminals for decades and have more recently been used as a way to provide authentication. Every person has a unique fingerprint; even identical twins have different sets of fingerprints. Another biometric is the face. For example, a computer login device can scan a person's face and determine if they are an authorized user.

Biometric technologies are able to provide solutions for confidential financial transactions and personal data privacy. Biometric technology can be found in federal, state and local governments, in the military, and in commercial applications. Enterprise-wide network security infrastructures, government IDs, secure electronic banking, investing and other financial transactions, retail sales, law enforcement, and health and social services are already benefiting from these technologies.

Biometric authentication applications include computer workstations, network and domain access, single sign-on, application login, data protection, remote access to resources, transaction security and Web security. It also provides secure restricted physical entries with items such as doorlocks. Consumer's trust and confidence in these electronic transactions are essential to the healthy growth of the global economy. Utilized alone or integrated with other technologies such as smart cards, encryption keys and digital signatures, biometrics are set to pervade nearly all aspects of the economy and our daily lives. The utilization of biometric technology for personal authentication is more convenient and considerably more accurate than current methods (such as the utilization of passwords or PINs). This is because biometrics links the event to a particular individual (a password or token may be used by someone other than the authorized user), is convenient (nothing to carry or remember and it is always with you), accurate (it provides positive authentication), can provide an audit trail and is becoming socially acceptable and inexpensive.

We at BioVeriCom, Inc focus on the biometric technology area in the verification and authentication for restricted entries, information access and transactions. We will continue to identify and develop the best biometric technology to provide more convenient, better, and safer security for our everyday businesses. For specific details on other biometrics, use the navigation bar on the left.


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