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Iris possesses unique characteristics for each individual just like fingerprints. Even identical twins have different patterns. The iris patterns are formed six months after birth and become stable after about a year. After that, the patterns remain unchanged for life.

The iris scanning process begins with a high-resolution infrared imaging camera typically positioned no more than 3 feet away from the eye. A low power infrared source is used for illumination before the image is acquired. The process takes about one to two seconds for the detail image of the iris to be captured, mapped, and stored for future matching and verification process.

Both eye glasses and contact lenses do not affect the quality of the images. A live iris test scan can be verified by monitoring the normal continuous size fluctuation of the person's pupil diameter.

Iris-based biometric technology has always been exceptionally accurate; but it was expensive and fairly cumbersome to use in its early days. With the recent technology development, both the size and cost for this technology have been substantially reduced and thus providing a much more practical implementation today in the deployment of high-security physical access applications. Even though the technology has been reduced in cost over the years, it is still relatively more expensive than the fingerprint and facial recognition technology for implementation in most applications.


  • Highly accurate biometric identification.
  • The iris patterns are extremely complex and difficult to duplicate.
  • Very low False Acceptance Rate and False Rejection Rate.


  • Expensive implementation compare to fingerprint and facial recognition.
  • Requires user's eye to be in close proximity to the sensor. More intrusive to the user for operation.

At BioVeriCom, Inc., we only provide iris biometric technology for custom application development.

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