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The retina biometric analyzes the layer of blood vessels located at the back of the eye. This technique usually uses a low-intensity light source through an optical coupler and scans the unique patterns of the layer of blood vessels known as the retina.

Retina scanning is quite accurate and very unique to each individual similar to the iris scan; but unlike the iris scan, it typically requires the user to look into a receptacle and focus on a given point for the user's retina to be scanned. This is not particularly convenient for people who wear glasses or are concerned about close contact with the reading device. This technique is more intrusive than other biometric techniques; as a result, retina scanning is not the most friendly process even though the technology itself is very accurate for use in identification, verification and authentication.


  • Highly accurate biometric identification.
  • The retina patterns are unique and difficult to duplicate.
  • Very low False Acceptance Rate and False Rejection Rate.


  • Requires close contact with the user's eye; therefore, very intrusive to the user.
  • Requires users to remove glasses prior to scanning .

At BioVeriCom, Inc., we only provide retina biometric technology for custom application development.

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