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It is important for today's information technology to be able to securely protect information access to the proper authenticated users. Critical information can be lost, stolen or tempered and that can result in lost of opportunities and/or revenues for the company and business. Fingerprint identification is a popular personal identification method for several key reasons:

  • Fingerprints do not change over time.
  • All fingerprints are unique; even identical twins have different sets of fingerprints.
  • Fast enrollment and matching of fingerprint; easy to use.
  • Low-cost implementation
  • Unique identification is accepted worldwide.
  • Able to store up to ten fingers for each personal enrollment in case of potential injury to the hand.

Currently fingerprint is the most widely used and widely accepted form of biometric technology. The typical fingerprint scanner used are commonly divided into two major groups: Optical and Capacitive IC sensors.

The optical fingerprint sensor typically uses optical elements to capture your fingerprint pressed against a transparent surface onto a CCD photoimaging device similar to a typical digital video camera. As a result, the optical method can be very cost effective for large area fingerprint scanning by leveraging on the popular and low-cost CCD device market.

The capacitive IC sensor uses a large array of capacitive sensing elements on a silicon IC circuit. Each element measures the amount of capacitance across your skin. In the case of fingerprint, it measures the capacitance in the skin where the fingerprint physically touches the sensor and the capacitance of the air pockets where the groove of the fingerprints are located. An array of these capacitance matrix forms an actual fingerprint image. Due to the way the fingerprint image is captured, the capacitive fingerprint scanner provides an added level of live test of the actual finger.

For more information on the fingerprint technology, please look at our fingerprint reference books section for our recommendations.

At BioVeriCom, Inc., we carry both optical and capacitive IC based fingerprint products. Please check out our Products section for more details on our different fingerprint products.


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