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USB flash drives are small and convenient portable devices for transferring files between computers. These simple plug and play drives easily insert into any modern computer system and are recognized as conventional read-writable drives. They are quickly replacing the past need for floppy disks. But due to their small size, they can also be easily misplaced or lost during a business trip or meeting. This could result in someone reading your personal files and confidential business documents and could possibly even result in identity theft.

Our secure BioFlash USB flash drive has built-in fingerprint file protection. You no longer need to worry about losing your important files to other people. Without proper fingerprint authentication, unauthorized users will not be able to view the contents of the USB flash drive. Our fingerprint BioFlash USB flash drive doesn't just protect the files from tampering by unauthorized users; it also prevents them from examining the contents within your drive. Your files are conveniently and securely protected from any unauthorized use. BioFlash USB flash drive is truly a plug and play device and does not require any complicated software installation before using the fingerprint authentication protection feature. You can simply use the drive right out of the box without performing any CD software installation. To view a demonstration of our USB drive in action, please click on the following link:

Click Here for an Animation of the
BioFlash Drive in Action.

Even though the drive can be used without any additional software, we also bundle other useful software applications and utilities with our drive. Our extensive software bundle, which comes with all of our BioFlash drives, allows you to easily manage your computer and file security with ease.

You need to ask yourself how much does your private confidential information is really worth to you? Shouldn't you be getting one of these drives before you realize it is too late? Our BioFlash fingerprint USB drive is a low-cost insurance policy from losing your valuable important information to others which can be potentially damaging and costly to your business. Without your fingerprints no one can view the content or even format your drive rendering the drive completely useless to anyone without proper authorized access.

We have different versions of the USB drive with drive capacity ranging from 128MB up to 1GB for your different storage needs and requirements. Our USB 2.0 fingerprint drive has high transfer speed of up to 8MB/s transfer rate. It is perfect for handling large confidential files.

BioFlash USB 1.1 Version

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BioFlash USB 2.0 Version

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