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These book recommendations are for further understanding and study of the voice or speech recognition technology.

Recommended Books

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Voice Recognition
by Richard L. Klevans, Robert D. Rodman

Book Description
Here's a scientific look at computer-generated speech verification and identification -- its underlying technology, practical applications, and future direction. This book provides a solid background in voice recognition technology and enables informed decision-making on how to select the most appropriate voice recognition-based software for a particular company or organization. It provides clear explanations of mathematical concepts, as well as a full-chapter presentation of the successful new Multi-Granular Segregating System for accurate, context-free speech identification.

Page after page of actual case studies and experimental results supported by clear, easy-to-follow charts and graphs explain the technology behind voice recognition systems, describe the advantages and disadvantages of the available systems, and show the benefits and limitations of forensic voice recognition technology.

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Speech Recognition : Theory and C++ Implementation
by Claudio Becchetti, Lucio Prina Ricotti, Lucio Prina Ricotti

Book Description
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is the enabling technology for hands-free dictation and voice-triggered computer menus. It is becoming increasingly prevalent in environments such as private telephone exchanges and real-time information services. Speech Recognition introduces the principles of ASR systems, including the theory and implementation issues behind multi-speaker continuous speech recognition. Focusing on the algorithms employed in commercial and laboratory systems, the treatment enables the reader to devise practical solutions for ASR system problems. It addresses in detail C++ programming techniques used to develop ASR applications, thus offering skills that will prove useful in any large C++ based software project. Possible extensions of the well-established ASR technology are highlighted, based on "Hidden Markov Models" applied to fields such as modelling and prediction of econometric series. Features include:

  • Accompanying CD-ROM containing all C++ source code of a complete laboratory multi-speaker continuous-speech ASR system (e.g. Initialisation, Training, Recognition, Evaluation, etc.)
  • Detailed theoretical, mathematical and technical explanations of ASR
  • A practical account of the functioning of ASR

A crucial source of information for researchers, developers and project managers involved with ASR systems, Speech Recognition is also structured for use by students of digital signal processing, speech recognition and C++ programming techniques.

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