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These book recommendations are for the general biometric technology field.

Recommended Books

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by John D. Woodward Jr., Nicholas M. Orlans, Peter T. Higgins

Book Description

Discover how to make biometrics -- the technology involving scanning and analyzing unique body characteristics and matching them against information stored in a database -- a part of your overall security plan with this hands-on guide. Includes deployment scenarios, cost analysis, privacy issues, and much more.

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Implementing Biometric Security
by John Chirillo, Scott Blaul, John Chirillo, Scott Blaul

Book Description

  • Biometrics authentication, which relies on fingerprints, speech, or other physical characteristics, is an increasingly important means of protecting critical data
  • Gives security professionals specific guidelines, applications, and procedures for implementing a biometric security system in a LAN, WAN, or wireless infrastructure
  • Covers fingerprint identification, hand geometry, speaker recognition, face location, retina scanning, and multibiometrics
  • Companion Web site contains articles, papers, source code, and product guides

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Biometrics: Identity Verification in a Networked World
by Samir Nanavati, Michael Thieme, Raj Nanavati, Samir Nanavati, Michael Thieme, Raj Nanavati

Book Description
An insight into the biometric industry and the steps for successful deployment
Biometrics technologies verify identity through characteristics such as fingerprints, voices, and faces. By providing increased security and convenience, biometrics have begun to see widespread deployment in network, e-commerce, and retail applications. This book provides in-depth analysis of biometrics as a solution for authenticating employees and customers. Leading authority, Samir Nanavati explores privacy, security, accuracy, system design, user perceptions, and lessons learned in biometric deployments. He also assesses the real-world strengths and weaknesses of leading biometric technologies: finger-scan, iris-scan, facial-scan, voice-scan, and signature-scan. This accessible book is a necessary step in understanding and implementing biometrics.


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